Jinja BaseCamp opened in July of 2017 after what started as a conversation amongst friends of “what happens after the Hairy Lemon?”

Jinja BaseCamp decided to take up the gap left by Nile River Explorers Backpackers when their Jinja based backpacker closed in February of 2017. The team at Jinja BaseCamp are very proud of the continued lifestyle philosophy that was found on the Hairy Lemon Island  – that of “living in harmony with your environment”.

Jinja BaseCamp has a stunning thatched boma which houses the restaurant, bar, Nile River Explorers Reception for rafting ‘meet and greet’ as well as a beautiful swimming pool in which guests can cool off under an ancient Jacaranda tree.

A variety of affordable accommodation is on offer ranging from camping to single, twin or double en-suite rooms and cottages (with their own kitchenette, lounge and dining room) as well as four funky dormitories that offer 4 bed, 5 bed or 6 bed combinations; all with their own bathrooms and private verandah.

Simple gray water drainage systems have been built and designed in such a way that the hibiscus hedges and gardens are given a much needed growth boost; solar lights have been installed throughout the gardens, cottages, dormitories and restaurant – all very much in keeping with the philosophy of “keep it green” and do no harm…

If you’re in Jinja, please do come and visit. Delicious fresh fruit juices are always in stock; as well as cold beers 😀LEARN MORE