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Bicycle Tours in and around Jinja

Bikeventures Uganda offers a range of bicycle tours, rentals and events in and around Jinja, Uganda. Book a tour to discover the beauty of Jinja by bike, the tour is inclusive of a tour guide, bike rental and helmet, water and snacks. Rent out a bike at your own pace for unbeatable prices.

Brewery Tour – Are you curious about the locally-brewed spirit in Jinja, Uganda? Then this is the tour for you.

Price (pp): $30 (USD),  Duration: 3hrs,  Distance: 15km, Elevation: 105m, Level: L1 /5

Nature Tour – Discover the beautiful nature of Jinja. This route will surprise you with the stunning scenery outside of the town.

Price (pp): $55 (USD), Duration: 4hrs,  Distance: 27.7km, Elevation: 335m,  Level: L2 /5

Introduction Tour – This tour is the perfect bicycle ride for those newcomers in or around Jinja! Are you a new volunteer, an organisation or anyone generally new to Jinja? Then book yourself onto this tour.

Price (pp): $20 (USD), Duration: 2hrs, Distance: 11.4km, Elevation: 109m, Level: L1 /5

Community Tour – Ride to a nearby community in Soweto and see the local, rural reality of living in the North East of Jinja.

Price (pp): $40 (USD), Duration: 3hrs, Distance: 20km, Elevation: 101m, Level: L1 /5

Historical Tour – Have you ever thought of the stories behind the beautiful but rundown buildings from the colonial times around Jinja? Then book this tour for amazing facts and stories about Jinja Town.

Price (pp): $25 (USD), Duration: 2hrs, Distance: 11km, Elevation: 100m, Level: L1 /5

Bikealong – EVERY first Sunday of the month we have an exclusive 3-hour bike-ride for free (with your own bike). If you do not have your own bike then you can get a bike rental for 2 people for the price of 1! (yes that is 50% off). Snacks included.

Bikeathon – new 2018 we have an amazing offer on our first multi-day ride. March 31st to April 8th, 10 days | 10 nights. We challenge participants physically and mentally to get the best out of themselves and ride a total of 300 km on unpaved tracks and roads. http://ugandabikeathon.org/