Eco Tourism as described by UNWTO encompasses all nature-based forms of tourism in which the main motivation of the tourists is the observation and appreciation of nature as well as the traditional cultures prevailing in natural areas.

At Jinja BaseCamp, we aim to offer top quality service and hospitality at value-for-money prices while striving to build on the positive impacts of eco-tourism and reduce the negative impacts to Uganda. This is an ongoing process and one that constantly demands an active role in the community and the environment.

Environmental Impact

We use solar powered lights in the restaurant, in all rooms and in the gardens.

The design of the restaurant enables us to use as much natural light and cool air flow as possible.

Electric lights are either energy efficient or LED low wattage bulbs.

We aim to reduce, reuse and UPcycle as much as possible which is why all our drinking glasses are recycled wine and spirit bottles!

Most drinks at the bar are in refundable bottles and we offer FREE filtered water in recycled wine bottles as an alternative to buying a plastic bottle of water. Guests are also encouraged to refill their own water bottles with our filtered water.

Plastic bottles are reused around the beds of our vegetable garden.

Organic waste is put either in our worm farm or compost bins and then used in our gardens.

The grey water from the external washing bay, guests showers and basins is all redirected to the gardens that surround Mountain House, Forest House and River House as well as the swimming pool.

All of our staff are educated on our environmental practices and how to extend these ideas to their own home life.

Social Impact

Jinja Base Camp has teamed up with Bunyoro Orphans and Albino Community where we provide them with sunscreen that guests no longer need when returning to their home countries. When backpacks get too heavy why not donate some of those unnecessary items to a good cause! Clothes, towels, shampoo – every bit helps and is delivered to the orphanage monthly.

If you have more time then please speak to us about longer volunteer opportunities – it’s a great way to find out more about the local culture and to really make a positive impact on the community.

We have partnered with St Mary’s Primary School in Buwenda and have an ongoing programme to improve sanitation at the school. As a result, we have recently installed three Tippy Taps and have restored and repaired a rain water catchment system. In addition we are encouraging the children to make Eco-bricks using plastic water bottles filled with single use plastic. These are then exchanged for stationery items that they cannot afford to buy.

We have also brought in a partner to plant trees @schoolstrees1 – this project encourages the students to plant out seeds (or fruit and shade trees) into a nursery and once the seedlings are of a suitable height; these are either planted around the school and the neighbourhood, or can be sold as an income generator for the school.

RefillMyBottle at Jinja BaseCamp

We are proud to have partnered with an inspiring organisation called RefillMyBottle – who encourage all organisations to limit the use of single use plastic by offering a drinking water Refill Station. We now offer all our guests FREE filtered drinking water and will happily refill your water bottle too